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Breitenbush Stations & Vehicles

Firehouse No 1
The BFD's main firehouse - home to Patrol 1, Rescue 1, and Engine 4. A two-story metal pole building, built by volunteers and paid professionals and constructed entirely from donated funds. Aside from housing emergency vehicles, it also provides space for repair, equipment storage, office, and training and social space. Most important is the addition of a brass fire pole and two huge radiators providing heat - all from fire stations in the City of Portland. With the majority of the construction completed as of Fall 2011, fundraising efforts are now focused on concrete floor, shed roof over the donor brick walkway, and other interior finish work in the truck bays. Commemorative bricks can be purchased through this website to support the project. The dedication ceremony was conducted Labor Day, 2013.

Firehouse No 2
Constructed in 2012/13 through a generous donation from the hot springs business, this little structure will house firefighters 'turnout gear' along with firefighting tools and self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). EMS and Search & Rescue equipment will also be stationed inside for rapid deployment. This station serves the Breitenbush Hot Springs community where most of the BFD's personnel reside.

Patrol 1
A Type 6 wildland patrol engine, Engine 1 is a 1983 Chevrolet K30 four wheel drive one ton vehicle. It carries 250 gallons of water, and has a small 150 gpm pump, and a complement of wildland tools, hose, water rescue and EMS equipment. It is used primarily for patrolling campgrounds and providing initial attack response for wildland fires. Engine 1 began his career with the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department near San Francisco where he fought many a wildland fire.

Rescue 1
The BFD’s primary "toolbox," Rescue 1 is a 1987 Ford E350 ambulance which carries a varied complement of equipment. Medical response equipment includes first response EMS equipment, backboards, and more. Search and Rescue equipment includes rope and water rescue equipment, a wheeled stokes litter and SKED for carrying patients off trails and beyond. Vehicle rescue equipment includes a generator, lighting, and extrication tools. And lastly, firefighting equipment includes five SCBAs and spare bottles, fire extinguishers, smoke ventilation fan, and an assortment of tools. Rescue 1 was generously donated to the BFD from the Mount Erie Fire Department in Skagit County, WA.

Engine 4
Our primary structure firefighting engine, Engine 4 is a 1982 Ford F800. It carries 1500 gallons of water, has a 500 gpm pump, 800 feet of 1-3/4” attack hose, 400 feet of 2-1/2” attack hose, and ground ladders. Nicknamed ‘Mel’ (for Mellow Yellow) he also carries a full complement of firefighting tools along with extinguishers and EMS equipment. The workhorse of our little fire company, Mel serves our two communities well – he too came to us thanks to the Mount Erie Fire Department in Skagit County, WA.

Breitenbush Fire Department
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